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Submit a picture of your favorite place to exist below and let us know why it's special to you - for an opportunity to win money towards a flight to get you there.

Jenny Robinson
I studied in Vienna for one summer during college and it quickly became a special place for me. The dramatic history of the city, along with its rich culture of art and music, is enchanting to natives and visitors alike. I’ve wanted to return since the day I left, if not just to sit in the park with a Sacher cake for a day.
Shirakawa, Gifu, JP
This was the first place that showed me the majesty of the natural world - where I had a glimpse into how insignificant we are in the context of the wider universe, and how important it was to let go and just exist and be. I will never forget that wonder and how freeing that was.
Neftaly Garcia
Departamento de Potosí, BO
I love this place
Mijn Natuurplekje (My Nature place)
‘My Nature Place’ Is a place where I go to, to find inner rest. To observe nature, and to feel connected, to myself, people, and my surroundings.
Maria Tyrrell
My favorite place to exist is in the ocean along a coastline, alone. This particular picture is from Greece. Though I’ve never visited Greece, there’s a certain feeling that I experience when I see certain images of the coastline, a feeling of longing to connect with my inner self, which is why I described my favorite place to exist as “alone.” I feel that I need to connect with my inner self and am able to do so alone along a coastline. Maybe I lived a past life on the coast!
Spanish Riding School
The Spanish Riding School was built in the Renaissance period and is still used for training Lipizzaner stallions and putting on performances for the public. It’s such a beautiful, magnificent building home of so much talent- both the horses and the riders. I’m completely immersed when at this building. The architecture, the performances, the music: everything is enchanting. Not to mention the city of Vienna is the most magical place on Earth. I dream of going back!
Charlotte S
Cádiz, AN, ES
I took this photo in the fall of 2017 in this coastal Spanish town, Cadiz. The rocky beaches are filled with stray cats and years of history. I found myself here, and found your music when landed back home.
Seattle, WA, US
Our last family trip before the pandemic, something soothing about sitting and taking in a sunset over the ocean
Dena Altshuler
Athens, GR
During one of our hardest times, my mom and I promised each other that one day, we'd get through it and visit Athens, Greece. I've loved Greek history and mythology ever since I was a kid and often dreamed of visiting this incredible land. When I was around 19 years old I found myself battling a relentless, strong illness. I started to dream about visiting Greece and this dream motivated me to get through some of the hardest days. Since then, I've had this vision for myself that one day I would visit Athens with my mom. I'd be in better health and we'd stand at the Acropolis together, look out at the spectacular view, and be able to say, "we did it. We got through it all and we're here." Happily, my health has improved and I have so many wonderful blessings in my life that I am beyond grateful for. Still, Athens remains a dream and I'm confident that taking the trip with my mom would be a trip full of gratitude, love, and something I would never forget.
Aurora, CO, US
My home! The place where my dogs are!
Monolithos, GR
The fog rolls down the pine covered mountainside at 5 AM, pouring into the ocean beneath the cliffs. The forest hums with bees, smells like sunshine, pine, and honeycomb. On the furthest end of Alyki beach, you can find me sitting on a large rock staring out into the ocean, the wind filling my ears. Alone? yes. Lonely? Never. It's been a decade since I went to Monolithos, and have always dreamed of going back to feel that inner sense of peace again.
Melissa Sorge
Gibsons, BC, CA
We used to go here to our cottage every summer. So many memories were made. It was where I was married, where our dog went missing (and was found 2.5 months later, along with my voice), where I watched my young children explore like I had when I was little, where I saw my first pod of whales after asking the angels for a sign that everything would be ok, where my daughter took her first steps, where lifelong friendships solidified, where I swam in the phosphorescence, ate gelato, cried into the ocean, fell deeper in love, collected sea glass, made wreaths to sell when I was 9, danced, ran wild, laughed many many times, leaped with wild abandonment into the ocean, and truly first found my inner power. Although we no longer have our cottage and haven’t been back in a few years, this is where my heart is, where the magic happens, where I feel most myself. This is home.
Dylan Daya
Kowloon, HK
the nightly night show is amazing! they have all the buildings lights synced and put on an impressive show each and every night!
Kevin Hill
Reykjavik, Iceland
In summary, my desire to travel to Iceland has stemmed from my obsession with its breathtaking landscapes since I was 8 years old. Iceland has been a dream destination of mine for a long time. Its commitment to sustainability, culture, and the pure chance to witness the northern lights are all huge reasons that draw me to this destination. I’m also a musician and the genre of music I make reflects well off of the atmosphere and environment in Iceland. I believe this journey will not only be an exploration of a captivating destination, but also a personal odyssey into the wonders of nature and culture.
Matt Lane
Hilton Head Island, SC, US
Hilton Head is a special place. A home away from home. A quiet and preserved oasis to relax and reflect in nature. From stunning beaches, cotton candy sunsets, to thriving green marshlands, the scenic nature of the island is quite breathtaking. I have been visiting here since I was a kid, and I can confidently say it is peace on Earth. It wouldn’t be hard to exist here forever.
Noosa Heads, QLD, AU
My favorite place to exist is Noosa National Park at sunrise - the perfect place to escape from the chaos of daily life. The sounds of the waves crashing and wildlife awakening has a magical rejuvenating property.
Rhys Sheppard
Peaceful early morning near still water 😌
Bradley Ericson
I camped here during my Mt Whitney summit trip in April 2019. There was no one else in the whole park. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I got out of the tent at midnight to start the climb. Who said life would go slowly?
Parc Pasteur, Orléans, France
Orléans, Centre-Val de Loire, FR
This place is very special to me for different reasons: because it is the place where my parents took me to play as a child when we lived in Orleans, because there I overcame my fear of the dark when the Wichita train passed through the fountain tunnel, because there I met with my friends to study the exams at the institute... and because it was a place to get lost, escape from the passage of time and a place to cry peacefully for lost loves...
Manchester, England, GB
My future home and where my fiancé lives. It feels very specific to be so far from & yet so close to home. Also the uncanny differences between the US and UK are crazy. I love recognizing the beauty of such a similar yet so very different place to where I have grown up. There will be lots of struggles and already has been but we'll make it. :)
Taryn Saarman
Seville, AN, ES
Seville will always have a very special place in my heart for a number of reasons. In 2019, I left my family home to a country where I didn’t know a soul to work as an assistant English teacher in a Spanish high school. What started as a terrifying experience, where I felt completely out of my comfort zone, became an opportunity for more personal growth than I could ever imagine. And it wouldn’t have been possible without the incredible support network I met through the school I worked at. I’ve always dreamt of going back to Seville to reminisce in the city where my life changed, and to visit the people who joined me in this journey.
Seattle, WA, US
Puget Sound is a green and blue gem. I love the sight of Seattle sitting elegantly on water's edge (this view is from the top floor bar of the Smith Tower). From the misty mornings of winter shrouding Queen Anne in fog to the crystal clear summer views of Mt. Rainier, I am head over heels for the whole place (almost embarrassingly so). I have special memories from so many places here - sunset from Golden Gardens, dinner on Alki Beach, running to Mercer Island across the I-90 bridge... but so many places remain yet to be explored across the Sound from the San Juan Islands to Olympic National Park, from Tacoma to Bellingham. I would love to share this place with my young kids someday.
Coda Stauffer
Bonn, NRW, DE
Currently in the process of moving here as well!
Noah Campbell
I have always wanted to see and climb Mount Fuji in Honshu, Japan. It is such a beautiful sight to behold and I wish to experience this in person. Ever since I was a child looking at pictures in my geography books, I was enthralled by the beauty of this mountain and the culture surrounding it. It would be a great blessing to go see and experience everything Honshu, Japan has to offer.
Arraial do Cabo, BR
That water give peace, and give back your energy to continue a search for happiness
Dunes City, OR, US
Giant rocks rise out of the sea not far from shore and the tidepools teem with life
Cocoa Beach, FL, US
Cocoa beach because it’s one of the prettiest places to watch the sunrise in Florida
Walking with no where to be - just existing.
Gatlinburg, TN, US
Bronco meet-up!
Although Aus is now home, Oregon will always hold an incredibly special place in my heart with the stunning nature, food, and family.
Dubrovnik, Dubrovnik-Neretva County, HR
Simply the best sunsets, sights, and people.
Exmouth, WA, AU
My place to exist is Exmouth, WA. It's home to the single most breathtaking sunset I've ever seen. My partner and I have been once before, and the emotions the thought of this place brings up are unspeakable - life moves slower there and it feels like you're on another planet while never actually leaving Australia. What also makes this place special to me is its natural beauty, the crystal turquoise waters backed up to the red outback sand. It's magical.
Long Pond, PA, US
So calm and peaceful. Wish I could see this sunset everyday
Lauren Keller
London, England, GB
Although raised in small town Oklahoma, my parents grew up during the British Invasion and this was carried on into my childhood as well. I have always dreamed of visiting the UK and when I finally got the chance to, I saved up enough, booked with a travel agent, planned everything out, and then BAM! Pandemic. Everything shut down. I had bought my tickets in January of 2020 for my trip planned in May 2020 for my husband and I’s 10th wedding anniversary. We were only able to get a partial refund for the money spent on the trip, but hopefully one day, we can make our dream a reality.
Queenstown, Otago, NZ
I only recently discovered this place. I truly believe that south New Zealand has some of the most breathtakingly spectacular sights in the world. Queenstown captured my heart from the moment I flew in. Even the airport backs onto snow-topped mountains. Everywhere you look is a picture taken straight out of a postcard. With so many wonderful sights, Queenstown NZ is my favourite Place to Exist ❤️
Currarong, NSW, AU
Out in Currarong I feel as though I’ve entered a different world. I love the empty beaches that stretch for miles, where I can walk alongside the bees and lizards until nightfall. There are rock faces to climb that lead to beautiful lookouts and whales jumping out in the sun. Sometimes you see bioluminescence plankton in the waves at night, and I have a clear memory of watching someone special walking barefoot in front of me on the beach at night, leaving behind a trail of blue stars in their wake. It’s truly my favourite place.
Ireland is a place where one can easily find solace in the natural beauty. Quiet landscapes allow for a calming overtake of the senses. I took this picture at sunrise and it makes me look forward to stepping foot on the Emerald Isle again.
Alta, UT, US
I'm exposing myself a little here but this is me struggling on one of the more difficult (for me anyway...) skiing trails at Alta in Utah. I'm actually submitting this on behalf of my dad. This is his favorite place, or at least the place where I have seen him the most happy and carefree. He's an incredible telemark skier and has taught me more about life and joy and loving the simplicity in places than anyone. I am so glad he introduced this place to me.
Barcelona, CT, ES
I loved traveling to Barcelona. It was the first time I traveled anywhere alone, and it was so freeing to experience the culture, music, and city in my own way.
A sunset to remember 😌🙏🏼🌅
Kailua-Kona, HI, US
This truly was an “everything at once” moment. 🥰
The beautiful Tremiti Islands - my favorite place to exist!
Yosemite National Park
Went to Yosemite National Park with my family last summer. It was such a wonderful place, and there was so much yet to see, even after we were there for a week. I could spend my whole life here and still love it to pieces.
Alex C
Mooloolaba, QLD, AU
Mooloolaba, Australia. The reason it’s my favourite is it’s where my family goes away to simply just exist. It’s simple, it’s quiet, it means so much to us.
A favourite place for me is Tasmania. I’m from south east Qld and even though it’s so close I feel like it’s a completely different world. I’ve never been but there’s just something so mystical and peaceful about it that I’ve always wanted to experience. I want to see as much of it as i can💛
Kelsi Wilson
Alexandria, VA, US
Alexandria, Virginia (: the first place I moved to after turning 18 and trying to become my own person and find myself. So much fear and loneliness was felt on these streets but also excitement for something new. It turned into a special place for me because of who I became from those hard days and challenging myself to do something hard.
New York, NY, US
Being in NYC during the winter is my favorite feeling ever and it gives me a sense of comfort that I haven’t been able to find anywhere else
New Farm, QLD, AU
When you can live almost anywhere, there’s something compelling about just looking around and choosing to make it your favourite place
Conway, NH, US
In 2019, my family and I visited North Conway, NH for the first and only time, and we fell in love with the scenery and the town. I'd love to take my husband back for a visit!
Los Angeles, CA, US
I love to end my evenings walking along the Venice canals, listening to music. It's definitely a special place for me!
Jessica R.
Asheville, NC, US
I love the Biltmore in Asheville, North Carolina. So much open land and nature to sit with your thoughts and take long walks. Always relaxes me!
Sav C
St Thomas, VI
Hull Bay in the US Virgin Islands is my favorite place in the world. I love to sit with a drink, watch the waves, sit with my thoughts, and be at peace.

Where’s your favorite place?

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